Is it true that all human action is motivated by self interest?

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  1. Say you see a kid about to get hit by a bus
    You save the kid but end up getting hit by a bus
    I wouldn’t say that was motivated by self interest

    • Some people wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they had not. It would always be on their mind so their actions were to keep THEIR mind clear. Therefore it’s a selfish decision.

    • Every decision that you make is ultimately to benefit yourself whether or not it objectively does, meaning even getting hit by a bus can be rationalized as selfish by the thought process that one couldnt live with themselves otherwise

        • Its a subconscious response. People want to avoid pain and discomfort, and they do that by instinctively doing something ethical, most of the time. A motivation does not have to be conscious or logical, it can be instinctive.

          • You’re saying that you know we instinctively do things to benefit ourselves. If you ure saying it’s survival of the fittest from caveman days, would it not also be instinctual to save a child or your child to ensure future generations or smt?

        • The order in thought does not affect whether or not the action was selfish. Even if it was subconscious or not. I believe Humans are inherently ethical, so most of us will always do the right thing. Humanity as a majority group will always thus inherently understand the repercussions of not doing so.

  2. The definition of motivation is: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. I don’t agree that self interest is the primary motivation of all acts, but it is always a reason.

    • The underlying question of this is one of human nature (are we inherently good or bad?). When you disregard the primary motivation, saying it still holds self interest, i feel there’s something good to be said about our initial reaction.

      • Many people have completely selfless primary motivation, I agree. But that’s not the question. Motivation includes all guiding forces, regardless of primary.

  3. At the end of the day technically nobody is completely dependant on someone else for survival. You yourself is responsible and capable for survival. So therefore from a biological standpoint our instincts our motives and actions will always be selfish.

  4. yes but like no. bc like some people do things because they look out for the best for/ in others and do things to help others

  5. It is true that self interest is a form of motivation, however I don’t believe it is the motivation of every single human action. It is true that self interest is needed to an extend to begin the action, but it is not necessarily the core motivation.

    • but what about like for example parents? they always look in the best interest for their children// would always put them first. would what they do for their children be in their self interest or their child’s?

      • first of all: not every parent look in the best interest for their children
        Second: protecting and caring about the children is also human nature

        • The definition is of motivation is not the primary driving force; it is all driving forces. Self may not be the primary driving force, but it is one of them.

      • Some parents would feel guilty if they didn’t take care of their children to the best of their ability. So they do their best to have THEIR conscience clear. Therefore it’s a selfish action to be a good parent.

    • Doing something nice for someone isn’t necessarily self-interest. It might just be a morality thing. But the feeling of fulfillment one gets from performing said act of kindness is more of a internal response. Some people don’t feel that same fulfillment.

      • Feeling morally wrong would be against your self interest, there fore you would want to feel morally right bringing that into self interest

        • Some people don’t automatically think of morality when they see someone who needs help. Therefore the feeling of unfulfilled morals is an after effect, and not necessarily self-interest.

          • It’s not an after effect so much as it is a subconscious response. Self interest becomes instinct in many circumstances, though it may feel like selflessness.

      • But the self-interest stems from that feeling you get when you’ve done a nice thing. As well as your morals, because you most likely determine your morals from the feeling you get when something is right or wrong. Also the internal response you get is what you’re motivated by meaning it would be self-interest

  6. For people who want to commit suicide, it’s not really in self interest as it results in death of the person

    Knowing this class you find an argument against that but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Yes because most things humans do is for themselves and when they are doing someting for someone else it makes them feel better and they get something out of it

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