Update – Please Read!

Hello Moscrop Community,

I would like to welcome you « back » from Spring Break. Although the last 2+ weeks have not been as some of you have planned, I hope that you had the chance to rest a bit.

Our regular lives, school, learning and work have been tremendously affected by the current climate. Despite all this, I believe in our resilience, our ability to overcome the toughest challenges and mainly our level of creativity. Now, more than ever, can be the time to focus on things that you’ve been passionate about: writing that story, exploring a scientific concept, drawing, learning a new piece on piano, dribbling a basketball, reconnecting with siblings, cooking etc. Really anything healthy to help you weather this unexpected experience with COVID-19.

As we are entering crucial weeks of our regular school for term 3, I would like to tell all the students and parents that I am here for them – remotely. We will keep using technology as we move forward with continued learning.

For my classes, I am planning some contents online (through this website and Microsoft Teams) in order to help you continue your learning and also to touch base with you. I am planning on having varied office hours, present some virtual classes so we can keep in touch and go through this together. In the next few days, you will be receiving messages to join Microsoft teams with clear instructions so we can access files, assignments, online chats and live classes.

Please keep checking this website as I am doing my best to update it regularly, from now on. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email and I will do my best to assist you!

tanguy.exume@burnabyschools.ca or monsieurexume@gmail.com

Until then, please stay safe, stay healthy you and all your families!

Mr. Exumé